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Community collaboration key to rider, driver safety – Business Daily

The increased availability of on-demand services in the public transport arena has revolutionised the industry in numerous ways. For instance, the ability to request a ride at the tap of a button on one’s phone has increased the convenience and flexibility of travel.
As demand for on-demand transportation rises, ride-hailing platforms have developed protocols to enhance transportation sector regulations and actively contribute toward general road safety and security.
These protocols include rapid response and emergency assistance measures in the event of an accident or security breach during a trip.
Riders can also share their live location details with emergency contact numbers to ensure safety throughout a journey.
Ride-hailing platforms have a safety toolkit that reveals the driver’s profile picture, name, vehicle make, model and registration as well as the driver’s rating so that riders know who their drivers are before getting in the car.
If either a rider or driver encounters an unsafe situation while on a trip, they can use the SOS button within the respective apps to seek assistance. The SOS button is readily available for medical and/or security emergencies for drivers, riders or other road users.
Despite these significant safety and security protocols, there are still lapses in the personal security of drivers and riders. The risk of encountering uncomfortable situations is a matter of great concern, and debate when using ride-hailing services.
These lapses, can, however, be addressed from a much broader societal approach. While no travel scenario is free from all risks, driver and rider behaviour and action focused on safety, may significantly reduce safety and security incidents.
These actions include drivers and riders always being alert and aware of their surroundings. Additionally, a review of the quickest routes to the set destination and tracking the trip through the in-app maps will provide real-time information on whether the trip is progressing as planned.
It is also important that one understands how to use the safety features in ride-hailing apps such as the SOS button, which will provide an extra layer of security in the event of a safety breach.
Riders can further enhance their safety by ensuring that the car licence plate, driver photo and name, all match what is listed in the app. Furthermore, when a rider opens the car door, it is prudent to verbally confirm the details of the driver such as their name to ensure that there are no inconsistencies.
Where there are inconsistencies, this is a strong signal to the rider that there is a potential safety concern, and they should not start the trip.
Ultimately, both a high level of individual awareness and the utilisation of the safety features provided by ride-hailing platforms are key complementary factors to enhancing safety in any trip experience.
These factors, when used continuously, will enhance safety while on a ride and make the overall riding experience enjoyable for all.



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