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We simply offer financial empowerment tools that support business success; from theories to practicals.

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We seek to enable value maximization of business through application of prudent finance principles.

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Are you planning on starting a business? Are you currently running a business?

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Get access to great business finance insights, tools and resources at your convinience.

What's Business Finance?

Finance is the basic of business. Business Finance refers to the money and credit employed in business and is needed to purchase assets, raw materials, goods and other flows of economic activity.


The business owners often want to make a big profit. We believe in value maximization in business and that’s why we seek to enable prudent application of finance in business.

Business is more than just profit and loss. Get to know more about value through Finance.

Indulge in a world of finance through practical steps to take your business to the next level. Get access to advanced corporate finance content used by modern corporations all around the world. Find simplified relevant audio-visual material to kick start your application of prudent finance principles.


Joseph Muongi Kamau has academic and practical specialization on Finance. He is an entrepreneur and has founded a variety of limited liability companies and enterprises in Kenya. He was featured on the Top 40 under 40 men list in Kenya (2018)

When you’re building a company, you need to continually strengthen every component – finance, strategic partnerships, executive team, and relationships with every last constituency.

Michael J. Saylor