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Why giftpesa is the perfect corporate gifting for you – Business Daily

Giftpesa is the perfect corporate gifting for you. PHOTO | POOL
We can all agree that having unhappy staff and customers hurts your business more than anything else. Your happy employees and customers are your biggest marketing resources.
This lowers turnover and boosts the business’s returns.
Gift-giving and incentive programs for employees have a direct impact on the productivity and labour standards of an organization. You must consider this if your business does not employ corporate gifting.
Additionally, clients will leave a business if they feel that it does not appreciate them; but if they feel valued, they will recommend you to others, resulting in increased referrals.
It is undeniable that organizing corporate gifting can be difficult.
To remove the element of uncertainty in gifting, many corporates, and business owners have embraced the use of gift vouchers.
Around the world, giving gifts has been a longstanding tradition that more and more people are embracing.
In recent years, corporate gifts have grown in popularity as a marketing tactic to market businesses, attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and increase revenues.
Thanks to Giftpesa’s one-stop corporate gifting solution, HR and Marketing managers now have the opportunity to experience a streamlined gifting process.

Given that they enable users to send gifts directly to the recipient’s phone, Giftpesa vouchers are the most flexible in terms of usability and operational simplicity.
Oh, and did I mention that you may tailor and customize the gift message?
One can spend a gift voucher in part at more than 200 of their preferred merchants without having to worry about it expiring.
So, you’re probably asking why you should consider using Giftpesa for corporate gifting.
 Let us look at the benefits of using Giftpesa for corporate gifts.
Giftpesa is the perfect corporate gifting for you. PHOTO | POOL
Giftpesa makes buying a gift voucher very simple. Giving someone you care about a gift voucher does not require you to go out and stroll to the store.
Instead, all you need is a phone (smart or feature), and you can quickly get an e-voucher by dialling *483*18*.
The flexible and user-friendly options of the USSD menu allow you to make a purchase as well as send a gift or redeem it in person at your preferred shopping centre.
 Imagine being able to freely use your evoucher multiple times across over 200+ merchants without restrictions. This provides you with the flexibility to use your gift within your spending limit.
Thanks to Giftpesa, you can shop whenever you want for anything you want.
In addition, you can view both the balance and the amount you have spent simultaneously because your voucher balance updates in real-time. This is a huge convenience for consumers.
 It is all about creating a memorable gifting experience. With just a click of a button, you can disburse bulk gift vouchers to multiple recipients at a go!
Thanks to Giftpesa’s automation of the purchase and distribution of gift vouchers, a marketing manager or a human resource manager can distribute bulk gift cards to numerous recipients scattered across a vast region.
After disbursement, Giftpesa generates a summary file with a success report on the disbursed vouchers. This report can always be filled in for future reference.
Nothing inspires confidence or gives recipients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have their gifts and may use them in whatever they like.
 The Giftpesa business portal gives visibility to track how your recipients are redeeming vouchers across multiple retail centres. As a business, you can decide where your staff/customers should utilize their gift vouchers based on the redemption report.
Tracking redemption brings financial prudence by ensuring money spent by the business to reward is utilized as expected.
In addition, if the redemption rate is low, the company creates communication that is expressly directed at its staff and encourages them to redeem.
Everybody loves choice. We all enjoy participating in issues that are important to us. Gifting is no different. Giving your recipients a selection of gifts will allow them to choose the one that suits their interests. Unlike your regular gift voucher, Giftpesa vouchers are redeemable across over 200+ brands all over Kenya.
     Eateries and restaurants,
     Fuel stations
     Clothing stores
     and others.
These digital vouchers mean that you save time and money on procurement, and save money on distribution. And they’ll also have a personal message for the recipient along with your company’s name.
With Giftpesa, your voucher is safe. Nothing like expiry after 3 months. You spend your voucher when you need it. No risk that the e-voucher will get lost or become void due to fraud issues. Your voucher is intact as long as you have it.
Looking to send corporate gifts for a holiday, Christmas, or special occasion? This article is for you.
Get in touch with the Giftpesa team via email at: [email protected] or
call 0793672742.



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