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US Court Buys Ad on Daily Nation to Warn Kenyan Escaping Child Support in America – Kenyans.co.ke

A Juvenile Court in Alabama State in the US has been compelled to buy a space meant for advertisement on Daily Nation to warn a Kenyan father allegedly escaping child support in America.
According to the notice paid for by the Tallapoosa County Department of Human Resources and Child Protective Services, the Kenyan man is missing and has failed to respond to the court summons.
The Kenyan man had reportedly sired two kids in the US and had escaped the legal suit filed by their mother.
Exposing the issue of deadbeat parents, which are rampant in the country, his wife sought court orders to terminate his parental rights.
Through the notice on Daily Nation, the court in Alabama ordered the Kenyan man to respond to the accusation within 14 days.
“You are hereby ordered to appear in the Juvenile Court of Tallapoosa County, Alabama located at 365 Lee Street, Alexander City for the final hearing on the Petition for Termination of Parental Rights filed by the Department of Human Resources, Child Protective Services,” the notice read in part.
“Failure to appear for the final hearing on this date and time without good cause will result in a loss of your rights to contest the Petition for Termination of your Parental Rights,” the Juvenile court maintained.
Termination of parental rights for the Kenyan man means that he would lose the legal parent-child relationship.
Once termination is concluded, the child is legally free to be placed for adoption to secure a more stable, permanent family environment that can meet their long-term parenting needs.
The notice comes just a month after a Kenyan man made headlines in South Africa in a divorce case. The South African court delivered a landmark ruling in his favour, setting a precedent in the country’s immigration laws.
The country’s Department of Home Affairs was contemplating deporting him without allowing him to see his only son.
But in the landmark ruling, the South African court revoked a section of the Immigration Act where foreigners’ spouse visas were terminated once their relationship with their South African spouses ended. This meant he had no right to be in South Africa after announcing his separation.
“They point out that while their spousal relationship might have ended, their parental relationships have not.
“I am of the view that the effect of the provisions in issue results in a violation of both their rights to dignity as well as those of their children and the children’s constitutional and parental rights,” a South African Judge ruled.



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