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Tuliza boli, mambo bado – Ruto tells opposition – The Star Kenya

• The President was speaking on Sunday during an interdenominational church service at Green Stadium in Kericho county.
• He assured the country that things will change for the better despite the sorry state the country finds itself in at the moment. 
President William Ruto has told opposition leaders to stop expecting too much too soon from the Kenya Kwanza administration.
He said the new regime inherited a bad economy rife with poor management of public funds and it will take longer to fix and put things back on track.
“Wale ambao tulishindana na wao, mimi nataka niwaambie watulize boli. Mambo bado, uchumi ilikuwa imesabaratika tuko na madeni kutoka hapa sijui mapaka wapi,” Ruto said.
(Those who competed against us, I want to tell you relax. It’s still early, the economy was bad and we have too many debts) 
The President was speaking on Sunday during an interdenominational church service at Green Stadium in Kericho county.
He assured the country that things will change for the better despite the sorry state the country finds itself in at the moment. 
“Kenya is on a secure footing. Wale ambao tulishindano nao watulize boli, waliharibu inchi yetu watupatie nafasi tufanye ukarabati. (Our competitors should relax, they destroyed the country, let them give us room to fix it),” Ruto said.
And as if reading from the same script as Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Ruto told off the opposition for criticising the Kenya Kwanza regime over the ills committed by the Jubilee government.
He said due to poor governance, the cost of living went up, insecurity worsened, and the country’s debt obligation skyrocketed. 
“Walikuwa na miaka tano ambayo walitumia kuharibu mambo ya inchi yetu, uchumi ikaharibika, tukawa na madeni, polisi wakabadilika wakawa wa kuuwa wakenya badala ya kuwalinda,” he said.
(They had five years which they used to destroy our country, the economy worsened, we got into debts, police started killing Kenyans instead of protecting them) 
“Kilimo ilikuwa imeharibika mpaka bei ya unga ikafika shilingi mia mbili kuenda mbele. Usalama ilikuwa imeharibika, watu wanapatika sijui River Yala wameuawa kiholeala,” he added. 
(Agriculture was doing badly to a point maize flour was retailing at over Sh200. Security was bad, people were being found murdered and dumped in River Yala)
He went on, ” Kwa hivyo hawa jamaa tunawaambia hawawezi kutuzuia kubadilisha Kenya, tunataka kubadilisha Kenya tuondoe Kenya ya zamani ambayo ilikuwa imejengwa kwa misingi ya vitisho, misingi ya mambao ambayo inapeleka kenya nyuma.”
(We want to tell them they cannot stop us from changing the country. We want to change Kenya and that was build on a foundation of intimidation and things that were taking it backwards) 
The President said he has issued orders for a special police unit he claimed was being used to conduct extrajudicial killings to be disbanded. 
“That is the history we want to forget, let our competitors not remind us of the many things they did against this country,” Ruto said. 
“We want to focus into the future, and therefore I want to ask the people of Kenya, they should not be confused by what happened in the past,” he added.
While speaking on Saturday in Kirinyaga during the commissioning of Thiba Dam, Gachagua asked opposition leader Raila Odinga to go slow on checking the government.
Whilst admitting that Raila was doing a good job of oversighting the government, he told the ODM leader not to blame the Kenya Kwanza regime for ills that were committed under his watch.
He blamed Raila for the country’s current economic situation saying the country got there because the Azimio abdicated his oversight role.  
“Kama ungefanya hiyo kazi ya kukosoa serikali ya Uhuru Kenyatta, hatungefika pahali tuko (Had you done your job of correcting Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, we wouldn’t be here today),” Gachagua said.
“Makosa huoni ile ulikosea. Anza kukosoa sisi kwa yale tunafanya. Yale mlifanya na serikali ya Jubilee, hiyo unyamaze kwa sababu wewe ndio ulichangia,” Gachagua said.
(You don’t see where you went wrong. Start correcting us for what we are doing now. What you did with the Jubilee administration, don’t talk about it because you contributed to it)
Ruto assured the country that he will put the country back on track, indicating that he has already started fixing the problem in agriculture through fertiliser subsidy and issuance of quality seeds to reduce the cost of living.
“We have a plan on what to do with agroprocessing and value addition of our products and we also have a plan on how to secure this country so that we avoid the shame of Kenyans killed through extra judicial killings and put in Yala river and other rivers. We are going to secure this country going into the future,” Ruto affirmed.
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