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New way of work in a changed world – Business Daily

There are solutions such as multi-cloud-as-a-service that are designed to smooth over the bumps and pull disparate systems and operations into the digital picture. PHOTO | POOL
There have been significant changes to the worlds of work, connectivity and business, each shaped by the forces of the pandemic, digital transformation and economic differentiation.
Each one is a cog in a wheel that defines the trajectory of a successful organisation.
The workforce, says McKinsey, demands radical flexibility, and technology that allows them to become more productive within the remits of how, when and where work can be done.
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The benefits of adapting to the new world of work are clear, but the route to achieving them is not always clear.
On one hand, there’s the existing infrastructure investment that most companies have in place and are reluctant, for budget and logistics reasons, to abandon entirely.
On the other hand, there are solutions such as multi-cloud-as-a-service that are designed to smooth over the bumps and pull disparate systems and operations into the digital picture.
Let’s get down to the detail of multi-cloud-as-a-service.
Layering cloud potential on top of existing infrastructure and then architecting this to create an intelligent ecosystem makes sense.
It opens up more flexibility within operations, provides the business with new ways of connecting to customers and markets, and creates the space urgently needed to innovate and disrupt.
Well-integrated, multi-cloud-as-a-service allows for organisations across all sectors to fully realise the potential of the cloud and enjoy the multiple benefits it brings, without staggering under the weight of implementation and optimisation.
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Also, with the right pair of hands, multi-cloud-as-a-service deftly removes multi-cloud complexity, particularly as it relates to skills, operational complexity, cost and security.
Interestingly, the past year has seen a shift in the cloud market in Africa.
There has been an increased interest in cloud services provided by companies within the region, on a global level, and it’s likely that this will gain traction well into 2023.
One of the primary drivers of this has been the realisation that multi-cloud services offer improved client relevance, commercial viability, operational feasibility and strategic alignment.
Multicloud-as-a-service addresses the consistency and complexity needed today
With the advent of hyperscalers on the continent, many companies have struggled with two key challenges when managing their cloud infrastructure and services – consistency and complexity.
They want ease of use and functionality but can’t fit within the standardised model of service delivery.
This is the reality for most companies. Standardised models rarely fit the gaps that organisations urgently need to fill.
It’s not a size issue, nor is it an integration issue, it’s a unique one.
Companies have different ways of functioning across different sectors so they require solutions that are relevant to their markets and specifications.
The joy of the cloud is its ubiquity, and the relief of multi-cloud-as-a-service is its ability to tap into that ubiquity to provide optimised service delivery.
Finally, and perhaps with less fanfare than it deserves, multi-cloud-as-a-service comes with built-in expertise and a bundle of offerings that can be implemented with immediacy.
Working with a specialised multi-cloud provider means that skills, experts, speed and value come standard with any implementation so organisations can rapidly see the benefits of their investment.
Richly layered and feature-packed multi-cloud offerings can unlock Africa’s economic growth potential while leveraging global best practices to drive business transformation and innovation within the boundaries of security without compromising on agility.
Mr Jack is the Principal Head of Cloud at Dimension Data.



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