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QUESTION: How do I sell my skills as an executive coach after retirement or job loss?
We know of a person who was relatively doing well as an employee, and then vanished from “ familiar scenes, social networks, and left town after losing their job or retirement. Some were senior people, or professionals in their rights; teachers, lawyers, health workers, accountants, technicians, or bankers.
But all is not lost, as there are many things one can do and thrive after retirement. Starting a business comes into mind, which is good. But what happens to all the knowledge, skills, and wisdom a person has gathered over 50 years of a career? Executive coaching is one option, but how can one sell their accumulated skills to be an executive coach? Where does one start?
Step one is to conduct a self-reflection to identify some inherent personal traits. It could be that you easily interact with people, enjoy helping people, and people tend to seek help from you.
Then list key skills you possess, such as marketing, leadership, banking and finance, human resources, teaching, or a masterly in a language or a specialty. You can then find who can benefit from your skills.
In your career, identify what you witnessed people or organisations struggling with. Those pain points become your potential coaching areas for your potential clients.
Start by identifying what easily comes to you, for example, help people achieve their goals, become better managers, cope with new jobs, and performance, create high-achieving teams, and develop confidence.
Craft a statement of what problems you can solve. Share it out.
So how do people know you are an excellent pot of skills and wisdom? Start with your network of corporate managers, friends, and family. Social media is a good platform, Be careful though, it is a jungle.
Start offering speaking engagements in professional, social and faith-based organisations, or even family gatherings. Let people know you are available. An engagement as an associate consultant opens door to meeting executives. Look out for executive corporate retreats to give a professional presentation.
Also, be coach-trained by accredited institutions.
This article addresses those intending to get into executive coaching as a first step. There is, however a lot in terms of developing a coaching business.
Mr Muya is a HR strategist Leadership Coach and Managing Director Pristine Management Solutions
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