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Gems of managing superiors – Business Daily

In an effort to work toward a shared outcome it is imperative for the juniors to team up with the supervisor in the achievement of their shared objectives. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK
Human beings have different temperaments and personality traits. Their actions and demeanours correlate to their persona. Relatively, many managers by virtue of their personalities hold positions that suit their behaviour and working style. As a result, it is vital to understand how your superiors function.
First, some managers prefer formally documented communication before the discussion. Others listen and get clarifications with questions and answers in interchange with a record of the meeting tagging later. It is essential to understand what works best for your supervising officer for ease of engagement.
Secondly, a conscious, forward-thinking and result-oriented junior comprehends how his or her individual role contributes toward the achievement of the company vision, mission, and objective, and promotes core values. In an effort to work toward a shared outcome it is imperative for the juniors to team up with the supervisor in the achievement of their shared objectives.
Thirdly, in book The 48 Laws of Power, authors Robert Greene and Joost Elffer warn against outshining the master. To work in harmony with the boss, never undermine, underestimate or belittle him or her. A supervisor is a senior and the junior’s officer future in the institution depends significantly on his or her opinion. Consequently, it would be appropriate to demonstrate respect to avoid relationship attrition. A subordinate is often an underdog when in conflict with the boss.
Fourthly, people being social animals it is possible that while interacting in the line of duty some manager may exhibit friendly conduct that should be appreciated. However, the junior should maintain professional conduct to avoid exposing self to demeaning and compromising transgression. It is virtuous to resist being part of the humiliating story of the proverbial lady or gentleman who applied ‘extra soft skills’ to get unmerited favours.
Lastly, the unvarnished truth is that many subordinates feel they are better than their superiors in some areas. The fact as it may be, it is advisable to desist and focus objectively on a professional relationship. John Dewey, an American philosopher said, ‘the deepest urge in human nature is ‘the desire to be important…’ Enhancement of characteristics that demonstrate the importance, respect, and consideration to the supervisor is a secure path to a professional career and work life that could be deemed as correctly natured.
Mr Njenga is a human resource professional, Leadership and Management writer. E: Mail; [email protected]



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