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Focus on customer experience to build sustainable business – Business Daily

Using technology to interact with customers can be impersonal and even diminishes the level of service offered. Photo/FILE
Growing up, Dr. Lucy Kiruthu had a dream of becoming a pharmacist. 
She however ended up pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy and Food Technology from Egerton University.
“I had hoped to be a pharmacist mixing up concoctions in a factory, but due to the limited chances during those days, I ended up mixing concoctions in the food industry and while at it, I was asked to handle customer complaints,” she says.
Her experience pushed her to start Evolve-CX in 2009, with the aim of urging businesses to give better customer experiences.
According to Dr Kiruthu, customer experience has a very significant role in a business.
She says the Customer Experience – CX entails the sum total of all customer interactions with businesses and how customers perceive those interactions.
“I was in Customer Experience in the corporate world for 10 years and worked across industries both in the USA and Kenya specifically in Manufacturing of  FMCG, in retail, airline, automobile and security services – for example, was the first Customer Service Manager at G4S Security services Kenya,” she says.
She notes that the company exists to inspire positive change, guided by four core values namely customer success, excellence in everything they do.
“We intentionally build and manage a network of collaborative relationships,” she adds.
She adds that the state of Customer Experience in Kenya is both extremes where there are those offering amazing end-to-end experiences and there are those that seem not to care about the experiences their customers are having.
“My main clients is anyone ready to walk a transformational journey driven by an unwavering focus on meeting their customer’s needs and expectations,” she says.
Some of the businesses that can benefit from the services range from small neighborhood businesses to large global companies to international bodies and government institutions.
“Our services are customized to the client needs. The charges range start from Sh 1,000 for a Demystifying CX session we hold every Tuesday 7:30am to 8:30am,”
According to Dr Kiruthu, CX is transformational, it helps businesses retain existing customers and gain new ones through referral, which grows their revenues and builds a strong reputation.
Professionally Dr Kiruthu holds Customer Experience Certifications which include Customer Experience  Specialist (CXS) – CX University, Certified Customer Experience Professional  (CCXP) – Customer Experience Professional Association, and Experience  Management Professional (XMP) – Quatrics XM Institute.
Challenges associated with the kind of work include lack of understanding of what CX is and how it can be a catalyst for business transformation.
“My aim is to build Evolve CX as a one stop shop for all Customer Experience solutions including Advisory, Research, Training and Technology,” she adds.



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