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Education costs limit students from the American dream — Sonoma State Star – The university's student-run newspaper – Sonoma State Star

The first thing you hear when you graduate from high school is, “Where are you going to college?” or “What is your next step in life?” Many students feel the pressure of going to a four-year college straight out of high school, with the assumption that they must go to college because that is the only guarantee that they will earn more money in the future, and achieve the American dream. With colleges costing over $60,000 and some law schools charging over $70,000, it is no surprise that people are questioning going to college. 
The pressure to go to college stems from the idea that you have to be educated to live a successful, financially stable life and live the American Dream. An article from the Economist Intelligence says, “Those with degrees are more likely to say they are fully living the American Dream (65%) and are financially satisfied (63%) than those with no college or only some college (28%, 30%).” 
Vic Lopez, a junior at Sonoma State University believes the American dream is achieved if, “based on what my parents told me, if I am financially stable, happy, and get my degree, so I do not work as hard as my parents do.” 
Ultimately the high cost of education right now is what discourages those who do want to have a financially stable life and live their American dream. Our society is increasingly being divided by money. An Investopedia article states “As income inequality has increased, the American dream has seemed less attainable.” 
Brenda Guzman, a junior at SSU described the American dream as a restriction. Guzman explained, “I do believe in it to a certain extent.” Guzman believes that there are many limitations that students face and some people will never live up to the idea of the American dream. Limitations could include access to resources, social class, race, and gender. 
With these limitations comes finding new ways to achieve the American dream. For college students that means finding scholarships or having to take out loans to continue their education. The current U.S. student loan debt is an estimated $1.75 trillion, according to Nitro data. Things like the Public Service Loan Forgiveness eligibility can help take some of the stress from college students. 
Ultimately, the rising cost of living and the burden of college debt are major limiting factors to achieving the American dream for future generations. Being a college student is a privilege and being able to further your education is no joke. 
The American dream is perceived as some magical ideal that as long as you are working hard you can achieve anything in America. Unfortunately, that is not how it actually works in America. Those who do not have the resources to continue their education have a harder time trying to achieve this unrealistic belief. 
The idea of the American dream itself is an outdated idea that is not achievable for everyone. Although the American dream will always be a part of what America stands for there will always be limiting factors of social class, gender, and race. 

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