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Belgrade Airport handles over 700.000 passengers in July – EX-YU Aviation News

wow well done. That's a great result
Impressive growth on Dubai route. No wonder Flydubai has gone double daily this summer (and is keeping it this winter),
+74% compared to 2019. Really impressive.
Expo Dubai might be the answer behind these growth numbers.
Dubai was also ahead of pre-Covid levels in 2021 too. And they added second daily flight after Expo. So obviously there is demand.
Having personally flown on flydubai on both flights, I can confirm. The flights were completely sold out and even Business was full on both flights. Interesting mix of passengers – lot's of Asians, Australian and Middle Eastern travellers onboard with Serbs mainly connecting to onward destinations (large group went to the Maldives on our particular flight). P2P traffic was roughly 30% from my DXB luggage carousel estimate.
Their high fares on this route certainly indicate that they are doing well and flights are in demand.
They need a widebody or more flights
now that's a nice number. in 1 month almost as much as LJU has planned for the whole year.
So IST has taken over as the busiest route!
Well the route numbers are for Q1. It might have changed later on since Switzerland reopened but maybe IST is still ahead considering the numerous new flights that were launched.
When you combine both airports in IST it is probably still ahead of ZRH.
IST is the 5th busiest airport in the world right now, busiest in Europe.

Imagine what is going to happen when it's fully completed in 2026.
And without a ban on Russians !
So Air Serbia had 391,875 passengers at BEG in July.
Yes, that makes sense. They said they had over 400,000 passengers in July in total so the remaining pax are from Nis and Kraljevo.
Wonder what Wizz Air's passenger share is.
Don't thinknW6 has more than 3%
With the new long haul routes this winter. It will be a strong finale for BEG at the end of the year.
In total, there should be around an extra 5 weekly long haul flights. +1 to Tianjin, +1 to Beijing, +2 to Havana, +1 to New York.
And +2 Chicago next summer πŸ™‚
How many more new routes will there be?

Kazan is starting on 19.09 at 2 pw.

KRR is back in the system starting 30.10 at 2 pw.

CAI and OHD will also return, dates haven't been announced.
Now we can see that tickets can be purchased for KZN only until end of October.
My guess is that Russia only gave them a permit for the summer season. I am sure they'll apply for winter flights as well. Makes no sense to operate a route for a month and a half.
Nice work
Was Belgrade ahead of Split in July?
Yes. Split had 641982 passengers.
Thank you
If there were no cancellations by foreign airlines because of staff shortages, numbers would probably exceed pre-Covid
Yes, Lufthansa cancelled quite a few flights, Air Serbia had to cancel 2 weekly flights to LHR and cap passenger numbers from Amsterdam.
Or it's just perhaps that the Covid related restrictions have eased…
? don't understand your point.
Much better than I expected
I have to admit I didn't expect such a quick recovery.
I'm guessing in 2023 BEG will be operating above pre Covid levels.
With long haul expansion happening I think numbers will keep improving.
Not just long haul but short haul too,
Congratulations. Good result.
And let's not forget that more destinations are expected to be announced by Air Serbia soon…
Any idea when will it be announced?
Kazan is already on sale if I see right.
Anon 09:31 When?

Russian routes don't get the large announcements like all other routes. They are loading more flights into the system.

As mentioned above, KZN is starting on 19.09. This was loaded on Tuesday this week. KRR is back in the system starting on 30.10, as well 2 pw.
That with Krasnodar does not depend on Air Serbia. For now, there are no announcements when that route could be restored. The airport is closed and it is not known when it will be open for traffic.
DXB ahead of AMS and CDG. Wow.
Most people from Serbia could not enter the Netherlands and France during the first quarter.
Pegasus seems to be doing really well on their flights to Belgrade.
How do they have so many extra passengers when frequencies are the same.
Pegasus is sending A321 neo's which can carry more than 220 passengers.

Just imagine what would happen if they were granted daily flights from Istanbul SAW.
If they were not limited by the Serbia-Turkey bilateral I'm pretty sure they would be flying daily (at least).
I think they would have more than daily since the market is massive and they need more flights so as to offer more convenient connections. Don't forget that the new IST is quite far away so for many SAW became a more appealing choice when traveling.
Those are good numbers.
Seems like things are looking up for BEG.
What could be the numbers be for August?
Sorry that was meant to say what could be the numbers for August
Around 750,000.
Would be fantastic if they could handle similar numbers to 2019 this year.
Won't happen this year.
Let's wait and see.
Interesting to see that the passenger difference between BEG and ZAG is now close to 2019 levels despite Ryanair in ZAG.
January-July difference is over 1.2 million.
Belgrade had more than double the passenger Zagreb had in July, 2.16 times more to be exact. Ryanair didn't help much.
ZAG and BEG are two different pairs of shoes. Belgrade is a quite larger city than Zagreb. But if you want to compare both nations all airports, than the situation is in favor of Croatia.
But if you want to compare Serbia and Croatia you should not forget that Croatia has a long Adriatic coast that is magnet for tourists which fly there.

Taking in consideration Serbia does not have coast at all the current result BEG+INI+KVO is more than great. Just have a look which results have ZAG+OSI even after FR opened the base in ZAG. Very dissapointing I would say.
Of course, seasonal coastal tourism swells in Croatia and country will always have more passengers. However that doesn't stop fair comparison of two capital city airports. Belgrade is bigger but Zagreb has higher standard, it is in EU and has strong tourist appeal. With Ryanair arrival it was expected passenger numbers would shrink the gap to BEG but for every passenger ZAG had in July BEG 2.1 passengers and that gap is not closing.
Higher standard?
Standard of living, GDP per capita, higher wages
Difference between Belgrade in Zagreb in living standard is around 30%.
Not so dramatic at all.
There is no such a word in English as "standard" when it comes to quality of living.
Nemoj da pricas?

some exciting times ahead for BEG
Keep up the good work.
Congratulations to BEG, they are a truly great airport with a diverse offer. They have legacy, charter and low cost flights depending on what passengers need.
Since that there are 30% more charters than in 2019 it means that this number of passengers are generated dominantly with charter flights, and not through organic growth of traffic
There is organic growth in charter traffic. More people are travelling and spending money to go on holiday. And how are passenger numbers being generated dominantly by charter flights? Do you know what is the share of charter flights in BEG?
Not necessarily at all. If the charter share was for example 10% of all passengers, then a 30% increase is just 13% of the total
Charters were 25% of all trafic.
And where exactly did you pull that false number out.
New wing looks great on the photo.
Agree. Looks modern
Can't wait for the entire project to be completed.
So with charters JU has more capacity than in 2019. Nice.
Good result overall
How do these July numbers compare to other nearby airports like Sofia, Bucharest and Thessaloniki?
I only know is that Thessaloniki for the jan – jul period is about 300.000 passengers ahead of Belgrade . Belgrade : 2.854.000 , Thessaloniki : 3.143.000 .
Sofia – 3.239.000
I think SOF also had a strong July similar to BEG. It is expected to have a busy winter as well
In July SOF had 601.434 passengers so BEG overtook them by quite a bit. In July 2019 Sofia airport handled 633.738 passengers,

SOF usually has a strong winter as it serves nearby ski resorts.

I read elsewhere that this winter Ryanair will be cutting Sofia quite a bit.

CRL from 4 to 3
CGN from 7 to 2
BUD from 3 to 2
BRI from 5 to 3
NAP from 4 to 3
BHX from 4 to 2
BER from 5 to 3
MLA from 3 to 2
Treviso from 3 to 2

Wow very interesting that BEG was ahead of SOF and by quite a bit
ZAG will also be cut.
Yes, but Wizzair are basing a 7th aircraft in SOF this winter and will also include Riyadh from next spring.
Well, it's Wizz Air so let's see what sticks in the end and what they keep. Personally I am curious to see what foreign carriers will do in Belgrade this winter and to what extent they maintain their presence.

I still think it's a true shame AF doesn't fly year-round anymore. In my opinion the most ideal outcome would be 3 to 4 weekly flights on the A220.
Not good, not bad
97% of pre-pandemic traffic is not enough for you? What is then LJU with 50%? Amazing?
If you read the previous comments, you will understand the essence. Sofia was always ahead of Belgrade. That's why I said what I said. Of course these are good numbers.
Frankfurt was always ahead of Sofia. So what, both are outside of Ex Yu. Belgrade is doing really well with busiest month of all Ex Yu airports since 1 Jan 2020.
Does anyone knows what’s going on with Morava airport statistics? Admin?
I will publish the results tomorrow.
Great, thx Admin πŸ‘
Pored pitanja postavljenog Admin-u, u vezi statisticke objave o broju putnika, ice veoma znacajno pitanje kada ce poceti gradnja nove piste sa kargo centrom.
Bez nje nema letenja mlaznih putnickih aviona. Nema ni kargo saobracaja. Nema ni samoodrzivosti…
Da li ce se resiti famozna dedovina i ^djedovina"…
Gde je cena vrednosti zemljista i otpor Obrvskih porodica zestok. Mozda Administrator moze imati saznane po tom pitanju. I nadam se podeliti sa posetiocima ExYuAviation. πŸ›«πŸŒπŸ›«
U gornjem tekstu mislio sam na Aerodrom Morava Kraljevo. πŸ›«
Istanbul numbers are even more impressive if you take into consideration TK had double daily instead of triple daily in Q1. Also, worth noting that JU boosted IST to daily late in the quarter.

I wouldn't be surprised if Q2 numbers are close to 100.000.
Why didn't Wizzair include BEG in their latest Riyadh expansion? Even TIA was included!
TIA will have flights from Dammam not Riyadh.
Saudi Arabia is a market all its competitors take big advantage from, just not Belgrade …
ZZzzzZZZzzzz ..
No airport in the Ex Yu was included. Not even PRN or SJJ.
There is no open skies agreement between Serbia and Saudi Arabia. An EU registered airline can't fly between two non EU markets unless they have an agreement in place which Serbia does not have with Saudi Arabia.
On a lot of days Turkish Airlines flies just double daily to Belgrade (like today) .
Whats going on ?
Also Wizz cancelling Belgrade-Abu Dhabi flights (second time in a row ) ..
TIA-AUH has also been cancelled 2-3 times in a row now, they're screwing up so many people. It seems like huge operational issues, 2 of their planes haven't left the ground in AUH since weeks.
Not too bad for Belgrade. Jat Tehnika can now do maintenance for A330. Menzies Aviation is setting up shop at Belgrade airport, good news for their existing customers Air Transat and Air Canada. Would be fun to see C- registered A330 next year at this airport!

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EX-YU Aviation News does not tolerate insults, excessive swearing, racist, homophobic or any other chauvinist remarks or provocative posts with the intention of creating further arguments. A full list of comment guidelines can be found here. Thank you for your cooperation.



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